Our Fees


We offer free initial appointment for up to 30 minutes so that you can get preliminary legal advice of your options and decide if you wish to proceed with appointing us as your lawyers.



Apply for Divorce:

*$800 (plus GST) plus outlays**

*Standard application, not contested.

Already agreed on children and or property with your ex? Then to do the Documents:

Consent Orders – Children OR Property

*$2,450 (plus GST) plus outlays**

*Parties having already agreed on all issues.

Consent orders – Children AND Property

*$2,950 (plus GST) plus outlays **

*Parties having already agreed on all issues.

OUTLAYS & DISBURSEMENTS **plus Outlays and Disbursements which are the expenses that are incurred by us in the course of the matter. Such as filing fees payable to the Court, for service of documents by a Process Server, property title searches, payments made to third parties for documents or services such as Superannuation Statements, Company Searches etc.

PLEASE NOTE: that Transfer of Property incurs extra professional fees.


You may be eligible for Legal Aid assistance for your family law legal fees. We are Legal Aid providers and can lodge your application for assistance to Legal Aid.  In some matters Legal Aid may require a small contribution from clients. This will be made known to you at the time your Legal Aid is approved

DEFFERED FEES (paid at end of matter)

Available- subject to review of your matter (higher rates apply).


Fixed fee-includes- estate planning appointment with you by video, telephone or at our office; document preparation; arrangement for document review and signing; storage in our safe custody at no extra cost to you.

$195.00 (Plus GST) per document

Testamentary Trusts (such as disability trusts), and complex wills, at extra cost.

Home or Nursing Home appointments are available, at extra cost.


We accommodate Executors/Administrators who wish to attend to the estate distribution themselves, but it is necessary to obtain a-

GRANT OF PROBATE (is a will); or


For attending to documents only and filing a *Standard Probate Application (subject to our review) our fees for executor/s named in will start at:

*$1,850 (plus GST) plus disbursements** (outlined below)

For attending to documents only and filing *Standard Letters of Administration Application (subject to our review) our fees start at:

*$2,150 (plus GST) plus disbursements** (outlined below)


If you wish for us to getting in of estate assets, attending to payment of estate liabilities, distribution to beneficiaries, we would be pleased to quote/estimate, of what your extra charges will be.

DISBURSEMENTS **Please note: that Transfer of Property, getting in of estate assets, attending to payment of estate liabilities, and distribution to beneficiaries, incurs extra professional fees.



We offer a fixed price conveyancing service for SALE of a house, unit or vacant land of just $900 (plus GST)*  ** for professional fees. +Plus searches & disbursements.


We offer a fixed price conveyancing service for BUYING of a house, unit or vacant land for just $1,100 (plus GST)*  ** for professional fees. +Plus searches & disbursements.

*Non-Standard/Complex Conveyancing assistance- extra costs apply.

+We only charge the actual cost of searches and clients pay the amount charged to us by the authority. We try to ensure that quotes for the specified searches are correct, however authorities may alter the cost of their searches without notifying us. Standard searches & costs include- electronic settlement (PEXA) FEES; a title search; other optional searches and outlays as directed by you; settlement fee (SettleIT). For a complete list of searches contact one of our experienced staff who are more than willing to provide assistance.

Some of the advantages of fixed fees include-

You know up front exactly what your costs will be.

You can make realistic arrangements about how and when to pay your legal bills.

You will pay a fee that equals the value you and your lawyer place on the work to be done, not the time it may take.

Your lawyer has a real incentive to get the work done and achieve results – because that’s how they get paid.

You and your lawyer have the same goals and time frame – getting the matter resolved as quickly as possible.

You won’t get any nasty surprises in the mail at the end of each month telling you how many hours you must pay for.

You won’t be charged for every minute your lawyer spends on the phone or every document that they copy or email.

PLEASE NOTE: The above indication of costs is correct as at December 2023 and are subject to change at any time.

“Liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation”


Speak to Claire Riddell,
our Firm's Principal Solicitor.

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Neil Gartrell

As relatively new residents of Hervey Bay and first time clients, we were most pleased to find that Turner Riddell are everything they claim to be on their web site. Claire and her team are very approachable and also respectful of the client, whilst also presenting as professional and knowledgeable. Claire was very welcoming and patient with us, readily making us feel at ease in communicating our circumstances and requirements. We unreservedly recommend Claire and her team to future clients.

Brooke Carter

I walked into Claire’s office a broken woman, facing separation and property settlement post-DV. I had lost hope of ever being financially back on track. But with her help I am about to by my first home for me and my 3 children. Eternally grateful. She handled all the complicated stuff and I trusted her with making the right decisions for me. 5 stars. Claire has turned my life around.

Caroline Grunwaldt

This process was made really easy and clear for us. From initial appointment to completed documents was super fast and efficient. The team has been very responsive to our questions and highly professional along the way. And we’ve felt very comfortable and fully informed throughout the process. Thanks Claire and Natalie.

Anne Taylor

Visiting Claire Riddell at Turner Riddell Lawyers in Pialba, Hervey Bay was a breath of fresh air. Speaking to a real person is not always possible when a lawyer is on the agenda but Claire was a vibrant friendly person who explained all aspects of my duties whilst making me feel at ease. It does not take much to have a pleasant experience so if you want the same I suggest that you make Claire Riddell at Turner Liddell Lawyers, your next stop when you need legal advice. You will not be disappointed.